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How to use Leawo Blu-ray to MKV Converter

Leawo Blu-ray to MKV converter is designed to provide an unparalleled solution to perfectly convert Blu-ray/DVD into MKV video. During the original-quality-preserved conversion from Blu-ray/DVD to MKV, you can retain all original subtitles and audio tracks or are permitted to select your preferred ones. Moreover, all imported Blu-ray/DVD files, together with subtitles and audio tracks selected, can be previewed on the player on the right of the main interface. Because of its superior Blu-ray or DVD disc decryption technique, the converter is highly praised for its leading converting speed and continuous ripping process.

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How to convert Blu-ray/DVD into MKV

Blu-ray to MKV converter is now inside Leawo Blu-ray Ripper, a program that’s packed inside Leawo Prof.Media. So please free download, install and run Prof.Media on your computer and then begin the journey of Blu-ray to MKV conversion by following the step-by-step tutorial guide below.

Step 1Load Blu-ray/DVD source files

Open Prof.Media, click Blu-ray Ripper on the main interface to load Blu-ray Ripper. Click Add Blu-ray/DVD>Add from CD-ROM>[the name of your Blu-ray disc] in the top row of buttons to load Blu-ray/DVD sources. In addition, you can directly drag the Blu-ray/DVD content in the disc to the program interface to import them.

Step 2Pick content in the disc to include in the MKV video

On the following interface, you need to decide what content to include in the output MKV video. Choose Full Movie and you will have all the content (all video titles, audio tracks and subtitles) included in the MKV video. Choose Main Movie to include the main movie, which is the longest video by default, in the output MKV file. And you can use Custom Mode to choose the video titles you need on the title list on the left column. Click OK to have the video titles you just chose added to the file list.

Step 3Set lossless MKV as the default output format

As mentioned previously, Leawo Blu-ray to MKV converter has become part of Leawo Blu-ray Ripper, so it can not only output lossless MKV videos and you will have to manually set lossless MKV as the default output format. On top of the file list is a row of buttons and the second button from the right is the Format button which we’ll be needing to change the default output format. Click on it and then click Change on the following menu to open the output format list. Select Format>Lossless Video>Multi-track MKV to set lossless MKV as the default output format. By clicking the Multi-track MKV, you will also be back to the file list at the same time. Click on the Format button again and click Apply to All to set MKV as the default output format for all the videos in the disc you’ve chosen to convert.

Note: if you fail to set Multi-track MKV as the default format, it’s probably because the program have been set to merge all the videos you’ve chosen into one video. Click on the button on the right of the green Convert button to separate the videos. And then each video you’ve chosen in the previous step will be converted into a single MKV video.

Step 4Pick subtitles and audio tracks you need

On each file you can see a Subtitle and Audio drop-down menu. Click on Subtitle and select the subtitles you need and they will be included in the MKV video. And you can do the same to select the audio tracks you need. Simply click on Audio on each file and check the audio tracks you need and they will all be included in the output MKV videos.

Step 5Set output directory

Click on the Convert button in green background on top of the file list. A sidebar would appear from the right side of the file list. Set output directory for the output MKV videos and click the Convert button at the bottom to start converting Blu-ray/DVD to lossless MKV.

Advanced Settings

1. General settings: Click "Tools-Options-General" to open general settings panel where you are capable of selecting output directory path and enabling program automatical update check for the latest version.

2. Conversion settings: You can enable DVD Navigator and choose the existence of the output file by clicking "Tools-Options-Conversion".

3.Thumbnail settings: You can set Thumbnail Image Format, Image Size and output directory in Thumbnail section.

4. Connection settings: You can decide whether to use Proxy by checking "Use Proxy" under Connection module, where you can set Host, Port, Proxy Type, Username and Password.

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